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Pornoactisa after a gang rape opened up in a hospital ward


Among the heroines of this collection are the owner of an MBA degree, and a student at MGIMO, and a young programmer who has developed her own software, and many more smart and educated women. What unites them all, except mental abilities? They are all famous pornographic actresses.

Angelina Doroshenkova, 24 years old

Angelina became famous after she dropped out of her studies at MGIMO and went into the porn business. The girl was always an excellent student and easily entered the budgetary department of MGIMO, but she did not study for a long time at one of the prestigious Russian universities. Angelina dropped out and became a porn actress. It was not material difficulties that pushed her to this step, but simple interest.

Now the girl is filming in Europe and earns about five thousand euros a month, but notes that money is not the main thing for her. Parents know about her hobby, but have nothing against it. According to Angelina's friends, she just loves sex, and considers porn an art.

Lisa Sparks, 40

In the world of porn, Lisa is known for her record: once in one day she had sex with 919 men. But that's not Sparks' greatest achievement. The actress has a Master of Arts degree from the University of Kentucky. During her studies, Lisa supported herself and ... no, she did not earn money in amateur porn. As a student, Lisa worked as an administrator in a hairdressing salon. And after graduation, the girl began to try herself in the adult industry.

Deep Bunny Hole, 23

Natasha, a 23-year-old from St. Petersburg, is passionate about video games, reads Pushkin and Fitzgerald, writes electronic music and works as a programmer. And together with her boyfriend, he makes homemade porn for Pornhub. The popularity of the channel of her account Deep Bunny Hole skyrocketed after one of the users nevertheless read her profile to the end and, among the declarations of love for anal, “wet blowjob” and hard sex, discovered another line: “By the way, I am S - developer ".

The audience's interest in the "bunny" allowed her to start making serious money on her explicit videos, although, of course, the girl is still an amateur; Natasha has not yet received an invitation to professional videos. However, “career growth” is not as interesting for her as self-expression. According to Natasha, she just loves sex very much and has been shooting home videos with her beloved for a long time. The idea of ​​putting a couple of stories online was experimental, and Deep Mink is delighted with the sudden success.

Laurie Wallace, 42

Wallace studied ballet as a child and even won several serious dance competitions. As a teenager, Laurie was the chairman of the school board and theater club. After graduating from college, she attended a law school course at George Washington University, but dropped out of legal practice after she was invited to work at a modeling agency.

Then Laurie began filming for men's magazines, after she became interested in erotic filming and posed for Playboy and Hustler, and in 2002 she finally switched to filming for adults.

Alix Lynx, 28 years old

Alix from New York graduated with a degree in public relations and an MBA in Internet Marketing. The girl was in the mood for a serious career, but found herself out of work. Then Alix remembered the dreams of her youth, when she admired Playboy models and dreamed of becoming the same sexy. But Alix thought that few people would understand her desire to become an erotic model, so she began to prepare for college.

The girl had no problems with education.Alix notices that her father works in the construction business, and her mother has a doctorate, so she uses her example to debunk the myth that porn does not come from a good life. After graduating from college, Alix changed several companies, but could not stay in one place, which is why she began to worry. It was then that she found out about sites that allow amateurs - the so-called webcam girls - to upload their videos and earn money. The new job dragged on Alix, and there was no longer any desire to return to the office.

Lorelei Lee, 36

Lorelei studied English language and literature, and after a journalism course at New York University, she began writing research on the sex industry and the porn business, which she literally knows from the inside.

Annie Sprinkle, 63

Annie had already retired, but in the 80s she rose to fame by becoming the first porn actress to defend her thesis (on the study of human sexuality). Annie also studied the history of cinema and theater. Now the veteran of the porn business lectures on the culture of the sex industry and not only, recalling with nostalgia the hot days when he gave a blowjob to Ron Jeremy himself.

T.J. Hart, 50

The life of T.J. Hart is worthy of adaptation. An athlete, a Komsomol member and just a beauty in 1988, she played for the US Olympic swimming team. Usually athletes cannot boast of academic knowledge, but the girl received three higher educations at once. She studied psychology, sociology, and art at the University of Colorado.

Usually, people who devote time to sports and education do not have time for something else, but you already realized that TJ is not an ordinary girl. At the age of 30, Amy (the actress's real name) took a pseudonym and started working in the adult industry. Before that, she ... earned a living and studying as a bartender and a school teacher.

Joanna Angel, 36

Joanna began working in striptease, and now the actress has almost 30 works in her filmography, among which, by the way, are not only sex videos, but also films in the genre of trash horror. It's funny that Joanna still observes strict Jewish rituals, the girl was raised in a religious Jewish family.

Asia Carrera, 44 years old

At the age of 13, Asia played Bach at a concert at Carnegie Hall, and after graduating from school, she received a grant to study economics and the Japanese language at the university (Asia's mother is Japanese). By that time, Asia was already working in striptease, since after school graduation she left home and began an independent life.

A career at the pole was set: Asia became the highest paid exotic dancer in the state of New Jersey, which inspired the girl to move on. Carrera did not receive an academic degree, but she mastered web design on her own and created her own website. Now Asia is almost never removed, preferring to work on the site and raise two children.

A.J. Bailey, 37 years old

Bailey is the first on our list who started acting in porn not because of his heart, but because of the need to earn money for an education. And it worked! The actress spent her fees from the first filming on studying at the University of St Andrews in Scotland, and received a master's degree in anthropology. Returning to America, A.J. decided to continue working in porn.

Shy Love, 39 years old

Shai Love graduated from school as an external student at the age of 16 (this is early for the States) and received a serious education, and at the age of 25 she decided to try herself in explicit cinema. At the same time, Shilaf (the real name of the girl) successfully uses the knowledge gained at the university. She organizes financial seminars and one-to-one consultations, and writes books on finance. She also loves her husband and two children.

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Law enforcers understand the scary story that happened to the young Russian porn actress. The girl became a victim of rapists and jumped out of the third floor window, trying to escape from the torturers who bullied her all night.

Lyuba Bushueva, aka Lola Taylor, with a shudder recalls the bullying that her new acquaintance and his friend subjected her to. The female lead in adult films dreamed of an expensive villa, fans and popularity. When fame came, there was no hope left to arrange a personal life. The men with whom Lyuba met did not see her as a companion.

The girl began to get acquainted via the Internet, found a gentleman there and went to visit him. Lola was sure that the young man would not recognize her. On the first date, a fan and a friend were brutally raped and beaten by a guest. Now the porn actress has abrasions all over her face, both legs are plastered. Lyuba, trying to escape the rapists, stepped out the window and fell from the third floor onto the asphalt. The doctors say that I was lucky, the fractures are not complicated, they will heal in a month.

Lyubov Bushueva, pornographic actress: “I'm just a lonely person, and sometimes I want to communicate. I am not married, I have no friends. Sometimes I want to chat with.

A new acquaintance and his friend were waiting for Lyuba in one of the apartments of the capital's high-rise building. As soon as the beauty entered the hallway, the men grabbed her, handcuffed her and began to rape her. The bullying continued throughout the night. Only in the morning did the guest seize the moment and rushed to flee.

The CCTV camera captured the criminals dragging the victim back to the entrance. The girl with a bloody face in torn clothes was no longer able to resist.

The neighbors, watching from the windows, called the police and an ambulance. The girl was sent to the hospital, and handcuffs were snapped on the wrists of her tormentors. The perpetrators turned out to be immigrants from Belarus who came to Moscow to work.

Elena Berkova, actress: “For me it is not at all clear how a girl can go to a stranger's home! You have to think about your safety, nothing beats the cost of your life. "

After what happened, Lyuba's grandmother found out what her granddaughter was actually doing. Lola had already decided to quit with and go home, when suddenly the door of the ward opened and a young man with a beautiful bouquet appeared on the threshold. The porn actress does not know who he is, he also knows everything about the unfortunate woman. The guest with flowers said that Lyuba's dark past did not bother him at all, he wanted to help the girl and was ready to marry her.