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Golden-headed Cysticola / Cisticola exilis


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  • The country: Thailand
  • Location: Outside
  • Image orientation: Horizontal
  • Season: Spring
  • Times of Day: Day


ekopa wrote:
The blackbird warbler came out well!
Now they in Komsomolsk everywhere "sing" (or rather creak) with their rough bass voices.
Illegal wrote:
As for the photos given by someone above. Personal observations confirm that more and more house sparrows appear within the city of Pattaya. So far, none of these birds have fallen into my hands, but observations from a distance of literally two meters unmistakably indicate that these are birds of this particular species.
I confirm. Here is a photo of a house sparrow from Pattaya. Filmed in April this year.

In both cases, we are talking about males of Brown-throated Sunbird - Anthreptes malacensis,
but in the first case it is a juvenile male (Immature), and in the second it is a dull male (Eclipse).
True, they are so similar that it remains unclear: who do I have?

Hello everyone! Can anyone help with identifying the species from these two wretched pictures? I only managed to take these 2 pictures before the bird dumped. Photographed in May 2013 in Thailand on Phuket Island in Khao Phra Taew National Park. The local guide said it might be Chestnut-breasted Malkoha, but I'm not sure.

Golden-headed Cysticola / Cisticola exilis

Ptahs - divovizhnі vorіnnya, їkh grow and see the greats grow up. Naybilsha ptah at light weight 104 kg, and the little ones are important naymensha ptah? Check out our rating. Formerly, other birds of the boule were vivcheni by Juan Lembei in 1850, and in addition, he published a list of 10 of the smallest birds. In our turn, we see the results of popular science stories.

Having vivvivshi the development robots, they completed the list, taking as a basis the average wag and the last of the birds. Thank you for being honored. Now, we present to you the top 10 the best birds in the world.

10. Red-breasted embossed plisk

Dovzhina: from 10 to 13 cm, Vaga: from 10 to 11 p.

The red-breasted embossed plisk is widespread in Australia. Her legs are curved downwards. Mova, behind the shape, nagaduє brush, additional help to give coma, pavukiv, quart nectar and nasinnya. Samtsi chekanova pliski may be more secure, but females do not help them to know a partner in their favorite season. Vin triva from a sickle on a leaf fall. As a rule, trills are melodious, ale koli ptah zbujena, there is a kind of energetic chirp. With an average amount of 10-13 cm and 10 grams of vagi, a red-breasted embossed plisk borrows the rest of the month from 10.

9.Bylooka parula

Dovzhina: 11 cm, Waga: from 6 to 8 p.

Tropical parula to be the head rank at the Amazon basin. Dorosly male has a siro-blakitny back, head and tail. Cherevets maє yaskraviy zhovtiy kolіr. There are 14 species of tropical sails, the middle of the other species should be close to 11 cm in the second and close at 6 p. Uninvolved trills are intermittent and time-consuming. However, the bird is shorn of the form of high-pitched sounds. The tropic parula is mainly consumed by pawns and komakhs, ale іnodі іst nasіnnya and nectar. Dovzhina 11 cm is allowed to occupy 9 places in the list of the best birds.

8. Banana spivun

Dovzhina: from 9.5 to 11 cm, Vaga: 9 p.

Banana Spivun get to play in the West Indies, in the first part of Brazil and in the Caribbean. Tse duzhe comrade bird, yak can be found in kvіtkovy and fruit orchards for an hour or two.Banana spivun has a dark gray back and yaskravo-zhovte cherevets. The head is trimmed with a black crimson at the shape of the crown. The shape of the dzioba is curved and lays down to give a quiet nectar. So, as a spivun, you can’t let it go like that, you can’t be brought up to sit down just once, so good. The last period is 2-4 years old, and it’s 12-14 days, so long as the little birds don’t go out. 9 grams of vagi і 9.5 cm in dozhin - in such a rank, banana spivun is loaned to the 8th month.

7. American Schiglik

Dovzhina: 11 cm, Waga: 11 p.

American schiglik is a small bird of the finch family. It is often found in the New States, as well as in the first part of Canada and the New Mexico. A little bit of a male yaskravo-zhovt, krill and a cap on the head of the black. Shchigliks shed twinkles on rik (in winter and in the middle of the summer). You can live up to 10 rocks (all the zavdyaki of the vegetarian children). Add 2-7 blue eggs. American Schiglik - 7 the best birds.

6. Gerigona is brown

Dovzhina: 10 cm, Waga: 5 p.

Previously, the bird was a bullet, a yak brown ochretyanka. Gerigona sackє on the uzberezhzhi of Australia - grow up in groups from two to chotir individuals, near the coastal forests. Basically grunts in coma. The back and the area near the dzioba are olive-brown, the middle of the black-gray color.

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5. King

Dovzhina: 8.5-9.5 cm, wagon: 13.5-15.5 rubles.

King - found from birds of Europe. Wine can also be seen in the most colorful events, including Asia, Great Britain, Wales, China, Russia and Germany. The king is the king of birds in European folklore.

4. Golden-headed cysticola (Сisticola exilis)

Dovzhina: 10 cm, Waga: 10 p.

They call it a ptah-kravchiney because of the robustness of the shvi, similar to the handicraft. I will also name it cysticola bright-necked. Meet at the entrance of Australia, India and China. Live comas and people. The male and the female are in the nest at once, the egg protects only the female.

3. Raidujna bird

Dovzhina: 9 - 11 cm, Waga: from 9 to 11 p.

Tse even a beautiful bird with a little dance on the head and neck. As a rule, raid birds live in small family groups in large horizontal burrows near the ground, or in hollows of trees. The stench is to live with lumps, pawns, liquorice juice of eucalyptus, etc. І male, і female at once in'yut nests, hanging eggs and flying chicks. Rayduzhny birds are on the 3rd place in our list of the best birds.

2. Short-beak (Smicrornis brevirostris)

Dovzhina: from 8 to 9 cm, Vaga: 6 p.

Tse australіyska bird, develop in the main in the forests of the middle part of the country. It’s worth spending more than an hour, humming comas and larvae in foxes, trees, etc. The female nests two or three eggs at a time. Because of the total weight of 6 grams of short-beak є 2 of the best birds of the svitu (letter of colibri-bdzhilki)

1. Colibri-bdzhilka (Mellisuga helenae)

Dovzhina: from 5 to 6 cm, Vaga: from 1.6 to 1.8 p.

Yak viplya s name, so much is guilty of buti zabilshki s bjola, ale vona all the same three more. Tse best bird at svitі... The male and the female can grow beyond the size - the female is a trocha more than the male. Kolibri, as a rule, live in the dormant forests of Kubi. The female introduces two eggs at a time, skin-sized about a pea. The amount of money is important only 1.6 grams (three less, less American penny)

We remember that we knew a bit of tsikavi and shocking facts about birds. If you want to know more, read the article about 10 of the best birds in the world.

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