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Black garden ants Lasius niger (up to 10 workers)


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Black King Ant tablets are used to increase potency, help to prolong sexual intercourse. The main component of the drug - an extract from black ants, is the source of a number of enzymes and amino acids that have a positive effect on the functioning of the reproductive system. The tablets can be used both for the treatment and prevention of erectile dysfunction, prostatitis, in addition, they have a tonic effect on the body.

Lasius niger black garden ants

A colony of black ants is in an incubator test tube. Each tube contains a queen, brood (eggs and larvae), up to 10 workers and the required amount of water to maintain optimal humidity in the tube.

To repopulate the queen and the ants in your farm, you simply need to attach a test tube to the farm or place a test tube in the arena.

The black garden ant is one of the easiest types of ants to breed at home. Other names: black laziy, lazius niger, Lasius niger.

The largest in the colony is the uterus. The fertile female reaches a size of 13-15 mm. The smallest workers are females incapable of fertilization. They grow up to 4 mm. Males are 1 mm larger, young females are 7 mm larger.

Sizes of black garden ants:

  • Fertile female: 13-15 mm,
  • Females incapable of fertilization: up to 4 mm,
  • Males: 5 mm,
  • Young females: 7 mm.

The queen of black ants lives for about 28 years, laying eggs every week. After about 20 days, larvae appear from them, which need constant care of the ants, because they themselves cannot eat. Adult goose bumps will feed the larvae, turn over, drag them from place to place - it is very exciting to watch these actions.

After 2 weeks, a pupa is formed, which after 10–12 days turns into a working ant. Some become builders, others are nannies and midwives, others are guards, soldiers, etc. There are more than 15 professions in the ant family!

In winter, the guarantee for the delivery of ants is given at an air temperature of at least -15 degrees, subject to the purchase of thermal packaging (thermos).

Garden ants are a great opportunity to raise an ant family at home!

Features and benefits of black garden ants

Despite their small size, these ants are extremely active and very interesting to watch. They will lay paths to food sources, so choose a farm with a large arena (for example: Homestead, Fazenda, and others) and fill it with sand. If the food is too large, they will jointly drag it into the nest, and in case of danger, the entire colony will mobilize to protect its queen, massively attacking the enemy.

It will be interesting to watch how they will run in a crowd for some sweet, which you put in the farm, and then drag it into the house.

  • Due to their omnivorous nature and with good nutrition, families of black lazius grow rather quickly - this is another plus in favor of choosing these particular ants for their formicaria.
  • Niggas have a habit of poking their noses where they should not, they are always in a hurry, they are always running, they care about everything. And when there are a lot of them, observation becomes even more exciting - the larger the colony, the more interesting social behavior.
  • Another plus for beginners is that ants are very tenacious and do not require wintering, so no special conditions for their maintenance and special knowledge are needed.
  • They are unpretentious in food. They eat a variety of foods, which is why they are so fond of having them at home. You can feed both food insects, which can be found in any pet store, and food "off the table" (meat, eggs, sugar syrup, fruits, etc.)- read more in our book "Home Ant Farm").

Lasius Niger is a great choice for both beginners and experienced ant lovers!

Colony ready to move inPopulate when the number of workers reaches 15 or more
Number of antsto 10
Delivery guaranteeYes, up to -5 degrees all the way to your city
Winter delivery guaranteeYes, up to -15 degrees all the way to your city, subject to the purchase of thermal packaging

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Ant Farm 18 Months Warranty

we we have been producing ant farms since 2015 , therefore, are completely confident in their products. All formicaria models are always available in our warehouse. Each copy is manually checked before shipping! You will definitely receive an order in a complete set, without any damage, exactly as in the photo and with all the characteristics indicated on our website. You will receive a receipt with your order.

If, nevertheless, suddenly you receive a farm with a malfunction or marriage, we will replace it without scandals, or we will refund your money. Just call our phone and we will solve everything in 5 minutes. It is important for us that you are satisfied!

Guaranteed delivery of the farm safe and sound

Your order is carefully packed using soft filler, special protective film, foam and high density boxes. Plus, we only work with trusted courier and transport companies - TOP-3 in the rating. Therefore, you can be 100% sure that the ant farm will arrive without any damage.

Very rare, but it still happens when the formicaria can be damaged during delivery. Each such case is decided in favor of the buyer - you will a replacement was sent at our expense.

Ant delivery guarantee

The incubator tube, which contains the ants, is packed in a separate case that protects the tube from mechanical damage. Due to this, during the entire operation of our store (since 2015), not a single test tube has been broken during delivery - the ants will come to you safe and sound.

The guarantee for delivery in the cold season applies to ants, provided that in your city and all the way to it, the temperature does not fall below 0 degrees Celsius. At lower temperatures, we recommend purchasing additional thermal packaging (thermos). In this case, the warranty applies at temperatures down to -15 degrees Celsius throughout the entire route of the order from Moscow to your city.

In the event of a warranty situation, we we will send you new ants at our expense including shipping costs.

Ant warranty

- If you have acquired a uterus

We carefully select the test tubes before sending them to customers, and we give a guarantee that the queen will come to you with the brood, from which you will have the first ants. However, immediately after the harvest, it is impossible to determine 100% that the uterus is fertilized. If you purchased it during this period, and the brood did not appear in the next 1-2 weeks, we we will send you a new uterus at our expense including shipping charges.

- If you purchased an ant colony

During delivery, some of the ants may die. This is still living nature and their death is a natural process. Therefore, do not be alarmed or upset if this happens - the first ants in the colony are always weaker than those that appear later. However, we give a guarantee - if you purchased, for example, a colony of 20-40 worker ants, then at least 20 live and healthy individuals will come to you. Otherwise, we we will exchange the colony for a new one at our expense .

Please note that further growth and development of the colony will depend on how you feed the ants, look after them, moisturize the farm, etc. You can find a detailed guide to keeping ants in our book "Home Ant Farm".

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1 - um. It seems the blog is completely

It seems that the blog has completely died out, if I may say so about a lonely message about the most banal of our ants =)
But life goes on, the colony is growing, it's time to move to a new house, but hands do not reach
The hard workers are not very happy with the photo sessions - they shake them, they shine in the eyes, and they will wake up the little ones.

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  • 7

2 - The test tube has become a little cramped

The test tube became cramped (it was no longer possible to feed without missing a single ant) ​​and it was decided to expand the living space. A new house was built from improvised materials (cable duct 20 × 20 mm, gypsum G-7, white cement M500, cut glass 10 × 20 cm, foam plastic tray for vegetables, stainless mesh and PG11 sealed gland). And so that the ants would not be bored of exploring new spaces, large larvae stolen from local street niggas were poured into the formicarium.
The settlement went quite briskly, the larvae were laid out in Feng Shui, the farthest corner was identified under the garbage-toilet. The last three workers were simply shaken out of a test tube into the arena the next day.

Almost two weeks have passed since the resettlement. The larvae began to pupate, but for some reason (lack of nannies?) They practically do not weave cocoons. Yes, and those cocoons that are possible from native larvae, and not from sprinkled ones, now you cannot distinguish.

the photo is slightly over-contrasted - condensation on the glass in this camera is not very clearly visible - in fact, of course, the pupae are not so yellow

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  • 2

3 - Wow, it's been a long time since I came here

Wow, I haven't looked here for a long time!
Of those pupae that in the photo were bred almost exclusively males. In order to somehow compensate for the energy spent on the cultivation of these useless creatures, I threw the workers' cocoons now, just to be sure.
The queen responded with a dramatically increased egg production. Now half of the formicaria is filled with goose bumps of various sizes.
BUT. Which surprises me. Even now, despite the presence of garbage in the garbage, slightly gnawed gypsum, a significant number of nannies, etc., all the same, the larvae pupate without cocoons!

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4 - humidity may be high.

the humidity may be high. for the sake of interest, you can try to keep it slightly lower.

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5 - It is quite possible

the humidity may be high.

Quite possible. But on the other hand, this does not bother the ants, and they have a choice, but they sit in the wettest chamber.
Fresh photos.
General condition of formicaria. The little-used and passage chambers were thoroughly dirtied.

Couple of pictures of naked brood with nannies

The condensate came out after the last watering, after a couple of days it usually disappears. However, he does not cause much trouble to ants.

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6 - Maybe really high

Maybe there is really high humidity throughout the formica, judging by the pictures there is no humidity gradient.
Alternatively (I was advised at one time, also because of the naked pupae), to increase the protein content in the diet.

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7 - may I ask you? where

can I ask? where do you pour water to moisturize the formicaria?

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8 - Under the bottom (pictured) edge

There is a water chamber under the bottom (pictured) edge of the frame. The hole for the syringe needle is on the bottom left.


The very wide distribution of ants of the species Lasius niger (and it can be found in any country in Europe and in some parts of Asia and North America) has led to the fact that everyone can recognize them. The body color is dark brown, close to brown, dense hairs are located over its entire surface. The abdomen is substantially larger than the head. Ants are distinguished by their hard work and incredible vitality: they manage to wait out both the harsh winter cold and the spring flood. In terms of life expectancy, these insects are the record holders in the world of ants - it is more than 20 years.

Yellow meadow ants (Lasius flavus) uterus and workers

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Sod ants (Tetramorium caespitum) uterus and workers

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Red-breasted reaper ants (Messor denticulatus) uterus and 5-10 workers

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Amber carpenter borers (Camponotus sanctus) uterus and workers

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Red-headed reaper ants (Messor barbarus) uterus and 5-10 workers

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Steppe reaper ants (Messor structor) uterus and 5-10 workers

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Black garden ants are a classic for myrmikeppers. Everyone has seen these small and friendly ants - they are the ones who build anthills-hummocks in the fields, they also come running in a crowd to any sweet that has fallen on the ground. And despite their small size, these ants are very interesting to observe.
It may seem that because of their routine, there is nothing interesting in them, but this is not so. Black garden ants are the species that will surprise you with their collective behavior. They will lay paths to food sources (especially if you use a large arena), if the food is too large, they will jointly drag it to the nest, and in case of danger, the entire colony will mobilize to protect its queen.

Product added

Species nameLasius niger
Dimensions (edit)4-5 mm workers, up to 10 mm uterus
The soldiersNot
The dietDead insects, syrup, boiled meat, egg
NumberUp to 100 thousand
WinteringNot required
FormicariaGypsum, foam concrete
Features of theSmall, but active and friendly species. They can do without insects by eating other alternative foods. Climbs walls well, needs protection from escapes.

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Lifestyle features

The Lasius niger ants are extremely active and are distinguished by their desire for collectivism (as, indeed, all representatives of this family): they build large colonies, jointly defend themselves in case of danger. They live in forests, fields, nests are located in rotten wood, underground, between stones, in bog bumps. Most of the colony is made up of worker ants. They not only build a nest, get food and provide protection, but also look after the larvae. The size of one colony can be up to 70 thousand individuals of the Lasius niger.

Their developmental stages are the same as most other species of ants. At the end of summer, the years begin, after which the males die and the females lay their eggs. After about 20 days, larvae appear from them, which need constant care of ants, since they themselves cannot feed. At a suitable temperature, after 2 weeks a pupa is formed, which after 10-12 days turns into a working ant.

Lazius food

Insects living in natural conditions prefer the sticky secretions of aphids as food. The milking process is interesting: in order to get sweet honeydew, ants stroke the back end of the aphid with their antennae, forcing it to release the desired fluid drop by drop. The ant swallows its prey, which it extracts in the nest, belching to saturate the larvae or the queen. As true owners, laziuses take care of their “herd”, protecting aphids from predators.

Colony keeping

It is recommended for beginners to learn how to breed ants with lazius ngier.They are very unpretentious, do not need special conditions and special knowledge. The easiest way to take them is in the forest, in the early morning, and it is desirable that the eggs or larvae also get into the colony, because lazius become more active if they take care of the offspring. It is advisable to carry out the process as quickly as possible, otherwise the active ants will hide the eggs in a safe place.

To populate a colony, a formicaria will be required, the size of which depends on the number of individuals. It is necessary to maintain room temperature in it, protecting from direct sunlight. It is better to use sand as a soil. Due to the fact that ants need high humidity, it is recommended to moisten the soil by spraying once a day.

Protein is needed for feeding the larvae, it can be dead insects, raw meat. Adults will gladly enjoy sugar syrup, honey diluted with water, bread crumbs or cereals.

Protection against black ants

If the colonies of these insects are interesting to observe, then their appearance in garden houses and summer cottages is akin to a flood. Lasius niger ants multiply quickly, strive to enter the house, interfere with garden work. An insecticide will allow you to get rid of them, which should be handled with extreme caution so as not to damage beneficial insects (worms that loosen the earth, ladybugs) and vegetation. It is recommended to create a barrier by treating the area around the house with poison.

These insects, for all their commonness and habit, are very interesting to observe, representing an example of well-coordinated teamwork, hard work and endurance.