Bird Families

Spotted Harrier / Circus assimilis


1 Circus melanoleucus

2 bicolor

3 varius

4 Calonectris leucomelas

5 Certhionyx

6 Certhionyx niger

7 Certhionyx variegatus

8 Ceryle

9 Ceryle alcyon

10 Ceryle lugubris

11 Ceryle maxima

12 Ceryle rudis

13 Ceryle torquata

14 Circus

15 Circus aeruginosus

16 Circus assimilis

17 Circus buffoni

18 Circus cinereus

19 Circus cyaneus

20 Circus macrourus

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Piebald harrier - Circus melanoleucus see also 7.1.11. Genus Serpentine Circaetus Piebald Harrier Circus melanoleucus In the male, the belly, part of the wing and upper tail are white, the head, neck, chest, back, stripe on the wing and the tip of the wing are black, the tail and wing coverts are gray. The female and ... ... Birds of Russia. Directory

Piebald harrier -? Pied Harrier ... Wikipedia

piebald harrier - margoji lingė statusas T sritis zoologija | vardynas atitikmenys: lot. Circus melanoleucos angl. pied harrier vok. Elsterweihe, f rus. piebald harrier, m pranc. busard tchoug, m ryšiai: platesnis terminas - lingės… Paukščių pavadinimų žodynas

Meadow harrier - Circus pygargus see also 7.1.11. Genus Serpentine Circaetus Meadow Harrier Circus pygargus Male gray gray with a black stripe on the wing and completely black primary flight feathers (not only at the end of the wing). The female and the young are like a field harrier ... ... Birds of Russia. Directory

Field harrier - Circus cyaneus see also 7.1.11. Genus Serpentine Circaetus Harrier Circus cyaneus The male is ash gray with white belly and upper tail, the wing tip is dark. The female is dark brown above, light buffy below with dark longitudinal streaks, ... ... Birds of Russia. Directory

Steppe harrier - Circus macrourus see also 7.1.11. Genus Serpentine Circaetus Steppe Harrier Circus macrourus The male is very light, the dorsal side is light gray, the ventral is pure white, the tips of the wings are black. The coloration of females and young birds is like that of the meadow harrier, but ... ... Birds of Russia. Directory

Marsh harrier - Circus aeruginosus see also 7.1.11. Genus Serpentine Circaetus Marsh Harrier Circus aeruginosus The male is similar to the females of other harrier species, but is larger, darker, the belly is reddish or whitish, the tail is monotonous gray. Females and young birds of one color ... ... Birds of Russia. Directory

Asiatic harrier - Circus spilonotus see also 7.1.11. Genus Serpentine Circaetus Asiatic Harrier Circus spilonotus The male has a white belly, a gray tail, the rest of the plumage is black with white streaks. The female and young birds are similar to the meadow harrier, but reddish, with ... ... Birds of Russia. Directory

Family Hawk (Accipitridae) - The hawk family includes 205 species distributed around the world, except for Antarctica and some oceanic islands. The sizes are medium and large, from 28 to 114 cm. The wings are wide and usually rounded, the paws are strong. The beak is strong, ... ... Biological encyclopedia

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